No Man’s Sky Is Much Better This Time; Become The Game's Expert With These Handy Tips And Tricks

No Man’s Sky Is Much Better This Time; Become The Game's Expert With These Handy Tips And Tricks
Thanks to the recent Foundation Update and patches that Hello Games released, No Man's Sky is much better and more solid for gameplay. Photo : Shwarma Gaming/YouTube

After staying mum for almost three months, Hello Games finally breaks the silence by releasing the first update for No Man's Sky. With the update, the game has become more solid and grounded for players to enjoy. So now that No Man's Sky is more playable, having handy tips to master the game are very much needed.

No Man's Sky Is Getting Better

Thanks to the recent Foundation Update, No Man's Sky has gotten some changes to make its gameplay better than before. Kotaku says that the update has made the game better, which is good given that there have been plenty of players who have been disappointed with the game. So now that No Man's Sky is back to being great, here are some important tips that you should know to learn and master the game. Let's start with the first one:

Be Good Friends With The Fauna

Making good friends is a crucial skill in life. It's also a skill that will be of great use to you in No Man's Sky. When you become good friends with the wild animals in there, they will be the one to bring you multitools, blueprints and other rare elements that you will find in the game. Also, they may not bring you the goods right away, but they can help you find secret locations that can help your gameplay. Just feed them a bit of your Carbon supply and you will be good friends.

Be Smart When Looking For New Animal Species

Finding animal species in the vast galaxy of No Man's Sky give you the highest credits. But looking for animals roaming around the planet can also be a pain since they're hard to come by. However, the animals in the galaxy have favorite places. Smaller creatures love the dark and dank so you will likely find them in caves. Bodies of water at least have one species living in it. If you find a body of water near, just look up and you're bound to find flying animals.

Become A No Man's Sky Billionaire

The reason why you have to be rich - like billionaire-rich - in No Man's Sky is because money can buy you almost everything. Just like on earth, becoming one of the game's billionaires will allow you to buy the biggest ship in the whole galaxy, upgrade your Exosuit anytime you want (those 10,000 credits more for every upgrade would be nothing against your billions) and get any rare materials you might need without ado. How? Buy as many items as much as you can for just a low price then go and it sell it off for a high price. It's basic economics so it's simple. If you do this for an hour or more, you'll be surprised with how much money you have amassed and you can become a billionaire in no time at all. Wow.

Build Plenty Of Atlas Passes

Atlas Passes are literally the key to open locked doors for you in No Man's Sky. It even opens containers that you will find along your journey. These passes are easy to make as long as you follow the main storyline. If you happen to miss them at the start of the game, you will still find a blueprint and the materials you need to build them later on so there's no cause for you to panic. Another good tip to follow is that you should refrain from selling your Atlas Stones even if they are worth more than 70,000 credits a piece. If rumors prove true, Atlas Stones are kind of very important when you reach the center of No Man's Sky Galaxy.

Fly Spaceships Like A Pro

Beyond the take off, the landing, initiating and boosting your Pulse Drive, No Man's Sky is not exactly helpful when it comes to teaching you how to fly best in the galaxy. The key to flying like a pro is not just knowing about the rundown of the controls that you can find in the pause menu. You have to know how and when to use them. To avoid an asteroid, kick in the reverse thrust. Cut your flight times by taking advantage of a planet's gravitation pull and launch you out into space.

Learn A New Language

No Man's Sky's galaxy is teeming with different lifeforms. If you want to solve the puzzle that is in the game, it's essential that you learn different languages. Learning new words would be enough to get your conversation going with alien life forms. Better learn Atlas, Gek, Korvax and Vy'keen languages.

Run Faster Using Two Buttons

If all those sprint stamina upgrades are not making you run fast as you wish, you can always use the hidden boost thrust method that is available in No Man's Sky. How? Hit the Melee button first then follow it with the Boost button. Doing so will launch you forward at great speeds and you will be much faster compared to if you were just sprinting. Keep on pressing the Boost button until you get to where you want to be. This method is known to cut your travel times by half whenever you run.

Save Up Your Fuel

Instead of spending too much Plutonium when you take off, keep an eye out for landing pads. Using these will help you save your fuel and not worry about the cost of buying more. Where? Look for landing pads at shelters with trading units, trading posts, Observatories or maintenance facilities. You will know that there is a ship-landing area available when you see a beacon-like structure.

Stop Annoying Sentinels From Attacking

As a police force, Sentinels from No Man's Sky are without a doubt annoying. But if you are smart, you can stop them from annoying attacking you. Avoid killing animals or go about destroying resources and plants since these are the things that gets their attention. If you get caught, try to stand still and don't move a single muscle. Doing so will make them leave you. But if you happen to come by Sentinels who are crazy enough to kill you, try to use the plasma grenades. They really do wonders with immobilizing those Sentinels.

There's A Trick To Keep Your Multitool Cool

Mining rare elements on big rocks can take a long time in No Man's Sky. But there's nothing worse than waiting for your multitool to cool down until you will be able to use it again. The good thing is there's a simple trick that you can do to gather those rare elements at speed without waiting too long. Use your multitool's mining laser as usual. Once you see the bar starting to flash red, which means it's overheating already, stop for second - or a half-second if you know how to count it. The bar should drop back to zero, which means that it's cool once again. Mine the rock as you wish. Then you can thank us for this trick.

Upgrade Your Exosuit Easily With A Simple Trick

If you want to carry more things in No Man's Sky, then you will need more than just 13 slots with your Exosuit. You can actually upgrade your Exosuit easily by doing a little trick. Just find the nearest outpost beacon, which are those that comes with orange lasers, and make yourself a Bypass Chip made out of Carbon and Iron. You can use this chip to find the nearest "Shelter" point for you. Soon, you will have a new drop-pod location and come across several upgrades for your Exosuits on the way. However, you will have to spend 10,000 credits more for each upgrade than the last making the upgrades more expensive as you go.

Upload Every Discovery You Find

Even if you have a new discovery in the game, No Man's Sky will not immediately reward you for it. You have to pause the game and upload your discoveries if you want to claim moeny for it. Besides, you get 5,000 credits every time you upload a new system, 2,000 credits for a new animal or planet, 1,000 credits for a new base and another 500 for new flora. If you want even bigger credits worth hundreds of thousands, just upload new animal species.

Watch Out For Moons

You were first advised to upgrade your Exosuit, learn a new language and find animals for the highest credits. You can do all of these things anywhere in the galaxy of No Man's Sky. But if you want to do all these things in one place, find yourself a moon. They might be smaller than planets but Hello Games packed them with plenty of things to discover and learn that would be helpful to your gameplay.

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