Watch Dogs 2 DLC Release Date Delayed; Is It For The Better?

Fans of Watch Dogs 2 are saddened by the news that the first DLC is delayed until later this month. Ubisoft is making sure that the DLC will not bring any problems to the game that the players might encounter. Hopefully, the delay of the pack will not bring any disappointments to the players.

Why Is The Release Of The DLC Pack Of Watch Dogs 2 Delayed?

According to GameSpot, Ubisoft just announced that T-Bone DLC will be delayed because of the patches for multiplayer needs to be improved. The DLC pack is supposed to be released first on PS4 on Dec. 13, but now it can be expected on Dec. 22. Xbox One and PC users will have to wait until Jan. 24 for the DLC to arrive in their platform.

Ubisoft wanted to make sure that the Watch Dogs Title Update 1.06 will support the T-Bone DLC that will give access to the multiplayer of the game, as per WWG. The developer wants nothing but the best for its fans because they do not want to disappoint them.

A new patch was released on Watch Dogs 2 in order to give the players a smooth gameplay. The patch will fix the problem where the game suddenly crashes and other bugs that cause interruption while playing.

What Will Be The Features Of T-Bone DLC?

The T-Bone DLC contains Raymond's new outfit, a new customized bulldozer blade school bus, a co-op challenge called Mayhem and a new enemy called Grenadier in Watch Dogs 2. There is also a T-Bone event that players can participate in on Dec. 19, which will last up to four weeks. Players will encounter a new challenge every week. They will also get access to new skins for the cars and earn rewards. The good news is that the players can participate in the event for free. 

Players are hoping that Watch Dogs 2's event will give them the satisfaction they want from of the DLC pack that was supposed to be available next week. The fans will still try to enjoy the game even if some problems are encountered while playing it. 

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