Pokemon GO Glitch Turn Buddies to Giants

By Allan Gonzales , Dec 11, 2016 05:23 PM EST

'Pokemon GO' players seems to have discovered a new glitch in the game's latest update. Players see their Pokemon buddy suddenly become a giant for a second. And although this bug is unintentional, players are quite pleased and having fun with it.

New Glitch Found in 'Pokemon GO'

According to from the players that have tweeted about the glitch, players who click their profile will see their Pokemon buddy change into a huge Pokemon. However, the transformation only happens for a millisecond which oddly disappoints the players. Everyone seems to be enjoying the quick size change of their Pokemon. "Having so much fun with this bug right now..." said by one player via Twitter.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon's stat does not increase or change like its size and this is probably the only thing that saddens the users about the glitch. "So shocked to see it on radar when i just open the app. But the cp is still meh." Said another user on Twitter.

As of today, Niantic Labs have not yet released any statement about the bug. And while the next update has not yet arrived, everyone is taking advantage of the funny glitch and posting a screenshot of their monster size Pokemon buddy. Since the bug only appears for a split-second, players are having a hard time capturing it but no one is giving up.

The Success of 'Pokemon GO'

Upon the release of 'Pokemon GO', the game quickly became the most downloaded game on both iOS App Store and Google Play in its first week. It has beaten Clash Royale and has been installed to 5% of all Android phones within just 2 days of release. By the end of its first week, it has already reached over 10 million users that have grown to 15 million after a month.

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