New No Man's Sky Update Arrives On PS4, Details Revealed

Just recently, Hello Games released an update to No Man's Sky. The studio, however, unleashed yet another one (patch 1.3) -- particularly on PS4. It remains a mystery as to what its official size is, though most users are reporting a certain figure. Here's what it's all about.

According to PlayStationLifeStyle, the studio has remained mum regarding the actual size of the aforementioned patch. There are users, though, who believe it's around 1.482 GB. Apart from that, other reports also suggest that it's between 1.5 and 3GB.

Aside from its mysterious size, the new No Man's Sky update is also unknown in terms of what it offers. Nonetheless, as a standard in Sony's PS4, it brings various bug fixes. For instance, players can now put the so-called hanging light ring decoration on either floors or ceilings. In the past, this item is a piece of work in terms of finding its appropriate place.

A bug that causes shielding or jetpack to be placed on a player's spaceship inventory has also been fixed. It's worth noting that in order for this to happen, the game must be restarted. Some players, though, are reporting that it won't require such procedure. As for those who are wondering if the disturbing sound that happens whenever plants grow (in a matter of intergalactic distances) is fixed, yes, it has been.

There are other bugs that have remained unfixed, despite the arrival of a new No Man's Sky update. For example, Hello Games has yet to increase the base limits. The grass still grows significantly in pavements and/or cuboid buildings. Moreover, both missions and recipes -- all new -- are yet to be offered by specialists in base.

A Reddit user was able to note all the aforementioned changes in the social media. While they may be interesting, in one way or another, these are yet to be official. The studio, as of this writing, has also remained mum about the new update.

What are your thoughts on the latest No Man's Sky patch? Were you able to notice the changes in PS4? Any other observations you can share? Let us know at the comment section below!

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