Xbox One VS PlayStation 4: Best Exclusives Of 2016

PS4 Exclusives Vs Xbox One Exclusives 2016 - Top 10 Games
Who wins the exclusives competition between Xbox One and PS4? Uncharted 4 VS Quantum Break. Find out here. Photo : YouTube / monobearking

The PS4 has been as smooth sailing as possible since it rolled out in 2013. 2015 was not quite good in terms of major exclusive titles. Come 2016, they showed that they weren't lax the previous year as they showcased a lot of big games.

Obviously, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the top contender for Game of The Year. And the fact that it's a PS4 exclusive makes it the cherry on top of Sony's big cake. Then we have another awesome exclusive that goes by the name Ratchet and Clank, which got released the month before. Sony Even have held baseball with MLB: The Show 16. Then, as the year comes to an end, they pulled off The Last Guardian as a combo finisher.

Each of the mentioned games have above 80 on Metacritic. The Last Guardian has 84, Ratchet and Clank and The Show 16 tied to 85, and Uncharted 4 with a whopping 93. Other exclusives also boasts big Metacritic scores. Street Fighter V has 77 and did a major grab for a console exclusive. There are also tons of JRPGs to look at if you have time.

Not only just for PS4 releases, Sony has had PSVR titles that are still exclusives. Rez Infinite has a Metacritic score of 89, Batman: Arkham VR has 75, EVE Valkyrie scored 73, and RIGS Mechanized Combat League garnered 78. These are just a few of the huge names that aided to introduce the new VR device to the world.

In general, Sony had a solid lineup of exclusives to accompany the series of third-party offerings released all-across the year. While some of these titles are available on PC, the company still managed to reason out some strong points to pick up a PS4.

On the other hand, the Xbox One had an interesting year due to Microsoft's new Play Anywhere feature. This initiative makes digital copies of games run on both PC and Xbox One. It massively removes the need for the Xbox One, allowing users to access Xbox Live and other features direct via their Windows PC.

The first major title for Xbox One on 2016 was Quantum Break, which has Metacritic score of 77 - big difference between Uncharted 4's score of 94. The game is an awesome experience with a fresh take on how stories are told, combining it with live action episodes depending on your in-game decisions.

Recore comes next with a Metacritic score of 63, released for both Xbox One and PC. Forza Horizon 3 pulls the weight for Xbox One as it has a score of 91. Gears of War is at 85, and then there's Dead Rising 4 coming in at 74. All hard-hitting games for the Xbox One is playable on the PC.

And the Winner Is?

Who wins the comparison of exclusives between Xbox One and PS4? Well, it depends on each gamer's perspective. Personally I would lean towards PS4 as I agree with the Metacritic scores. And in terms of being 'exclusive', the reason I don't buy Xbox One games is that because they practically are available on PC. But if it's some consolation, the Xbox One wins in terms of playability within the household by introducing Microsoft Play Anywhere.

It is important to note that each console has its own preferences and that my decision to lean towards sony is a combination of Metacritic scores and experience with the games.

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