'The Originals' Season 4 Update: Why There Is No Hope For Hope, Klaus In Hot Water

The Originals Season 4 Extended Trailer 2016
The Originals Season 4 Extended Trailer 2016 Photo : tayslick10 on14 / YouTube

The Originals is making a noise and hitting the right spot as they are about to reach their season finale when it comes to filming. The show not only retained its momentum when it comes to ratings but they flourished it.

The Originals And The Vampire Diaries Crossover

The Vampire Diaries is nearing its impending end. However, they agreed to take part and do crossover with The Originals. This is actually a great thing for both shows as it will open up series of plots especially with The Originals. The main writers of the show, Michael Narducci and Michelle Paradise teased their fans by posting about a wrap party. These two incredible writers have shown what they are made off and they are now preparing The Originals fans with some exciting new episodes.

The spin-off was reported to happen this season. Some fans cannot wait for it to be shown already and others are somehow hesitant about it. Rumor has it that the spin-off might end The Originals franchise too. A respectable magazine wrote that The Originals might be taking a hitch hike if their numbers won’t go up. The TV series is in a tough competition but they should not give up. The Walking Dead has already ended and Game of Thrones haven’t even started yet. If the producers have doubts with their numbers, they should take this opportunity to rise up against the challenge. They are in the driver seat right now and I don’t see any series competing against them.

The Originals Season 4 Spoilers: Voodoo Child, No Hope For Hope

As stated on the last review that was made, the main characters of the show are in the fight of their lives. Hope is in a state where she can’t make a decision. Klaus on the other hand, did what he have to do in order to regain his daughter’s trust. The episode was titled “Voodoo Child” and we know that it is pertaining to Hope. We all thought that the episode will end clean but apparently, out of nowhere, Klaus was betrayed. Hope must master the art of Voodoo in order to save her father, or this will be his end. Klaus calmly looks at her daughter and gave her a smile. Their bond as father and daughter could not be broken.

Season Finale Or Franchise Over?

The Originals have made it on top 10 when it comes to viewership and ratings consistently for the past years. Although they are being compared to The Vampire Diaries, they made their own stomp in television. They are no longer called as The Vampire Diaries parody as they are recognized as a competition already. Right now, the only thing that we are guaranteed right now is the crossover with The Vampire Diaries. How about season 5? Well, to tell you honestly, basing on how the producers are taking the show right now, I’m not sure if there would even be a season 5. For now, let us just enjoy the “Voodoo Child” episode.

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