Julian Assange´s Confidante Revealed Who Leaked The DNC Emails: It Was Not The Russians

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and Julian Assange´s confidante, Craig Murray, confessed that the assessment of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that hackers aligned with the Kremlin were the ones who gave over thousands of stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to the non-profit organization WikiLeaks is a tremendous lie.

Assange´s Confidante Knew Who Did It

As it was stated in a blog post made by Assange´s confidante, the real people who were behind the operation with the Democratic emails were from the inside, since the former ambassador explained that he personally knew who did it, and the fact that these kind of actions can only be made by someone close to the target, especially if we´re talking about a country that has reinforced its cybersecurity as the U.S. did since Obama´s administration.

In fact, Assange´s confidante also responded to the information regarding a possibility that the CIA actually knew who the hacker was, claiming that a simple logic would destroy this argument, since the American intelligence agencies have been characterized for being extremely ruthless with the persecution of whistleblowers and the pursuit of foreign hackers and cyber criminals through extradition.

Different Assertions Without Any Kind Of Proof

It was reported that Murray also explained that the problem was not only that the CIA was making a blatant lie and didn't provide any kind of evidence to support its assertions, but also the fact that the media has created a concerning story about this alleged lie, making the American people to believe that a foreign villain was violating the sovereignty, and linking these hypothetical criminals to the radical transparency organization.

Although it is not known what will going to happen with this case, both the U.S. government and the intelligence agencies has said that hackers related to the Kremlin were the ones behind the operation, and meanwhile, Vladimir Putin and WikiLeaks have constantly denied the assertions. Assange´s confidante has also gave another important element to this delicate situation, but just as the CIA, he didn't provide any evidence.

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