'The Royals' Season 3 Spoilers: More Romance, More Mind Games

The Royals just aired their second episode this season and we are not disappointed about it. The show was able to follow up their pilot episode; which is very hard for an upcoming series.

The Romance Between Eleanor And Jasper Took It To Another Level

The producers are trying to develop a stronger bond between Eleanor and Jasper but there is a spin-off. One reddit user was able to predict accurately on what happened last episode. He mentioned that Eleanor will lure Jasper and make him believe that she is into him. As seen the other day, Eleanor spend much of her time in the episode playing hat trick with Jasper. Liam is again complicating things as he is in war against himself. He is still investigating the identity of the mysterious blond woman which was eventually revealed. Her name is Kathryn Davis.

The Queen And Her Quest

The romance between Eleanor and Jasper might have taken too much time in the episode. However, they were able to show as well on what the queen was about. Apparently, Queen Helena was busy trying to figure out on what to do with the encased testicle. This might be the longest DNA quest that involves a testicle. The Queen was able to get hold of Mr. Hill and assisted her with her quest. He then invited Cyrus and finally he found the encased testicle.

Prince Liam And The Blond Woman

Liam was mystified when he saw the blond woman for the first time. During the series premiere, we saw that the woman is acting differently than the other characters that were shown. Then the series revealed that Kathyrn Davis is Robert’s old flame. Robert is still daydreaming by the beach and on his vision, he saw a woman in white which keeps him asking on what he wants. This scenario is an ultimate set-up for a love triangle. The show might not admit it yet but we all know where this is going. For the next episode, they will exploit on the idea that Kathyrn will approach Liam.

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