Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Finally Dead: There´s A New Software Upgrade That Will Kill The Device

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is now officially dead. The South Korean company will release an Android software upgrade whose only mission is to prevent the phone from working, which could be the most effective way to disable the device from those who still have it and avoid the well-known explosions that caused a lot of disaster for many customers around the world.

A Safe Measure To Kill The Galaxy Note 7

According to Express, consumers who haven't returned the Galaxy Note 7 in the mandatory recall, will now have the chance of just using the software upgrade and permanently shut off the mobile device. Of course, this is not only a measure that Samsung has been pushing forward in order to kill every single handset that still exists, but also a way to prevent any other delicate situation regarding any kind of damage suffered by the customer.

The recall of this product was probably the worst moment in Samsung´s modern history, given the fact that what was meant to be a flagship that would increase the company´s power, actually became a disastrous product that ends up being a threatening object. The explosions could easily cause unpredictable situations. In addition to the way in which this event affected the South Korean economy, many Note 7 owners made a lawsuit against the company, and there still a lot of controversy around this issue.

Verizon Is Not Agree With The Software Upgrade

As reported by Sky News, the software upgrade will be available in mid-December in the U.S., and even when it seems as the most reasonable move to definitely kill this product, there are some companies that don't want to participate in this action. The most important case has been the mobile provider Verizon Communications, which said that it doesn't want to be part of the software upgrade since this is a measure that would be very risky for the Note 7 owners that don't have another mobile device to use.

Believe it or not, the company not only used this argument as the reason for eliminating a product that has been proved to be very dangerous for the customers, but also said that Verizon will not push a software upgrade that will destroy the chances of the Note 7 to work as a regular mobile device, since this is something that could be very delicate if the owner is having an emergency situation and needs to make a call.

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