Confirmed! Playstation 4 Pro Brings PES 2017 In 4K

PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to add in this year's release of the Konami game. It has reportedly been confirmed that the PES Productions game will be shown in 4K. It is further expected that the PlayStation 4 Pro will be able to outsell the PS predecessors as well as the Microsoft Xbox One.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 publisher Konami recently announced that 4K graphics are now being supported by the game. It has been noted that 4K support works best on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Hence, Konami is expected to launch the game on the console PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is expected to feature the beautiful render of the sports sim game. Moreover, the game has further been upscaled or the PlayStation 4 Pro. Apparently, the new PES update revealed changes to the League Season including the formations, tactics and managers as well as new competition in the Champions League.

The PlayStation Pro console is expected to begin the new PES 2017 at the start of the round of 16. It has further been noted that players may recruit Special Agents to guarantee signing players from the last 16 clubs. Alternatively, players with a rating above 80 percent may also be chosen.

In other news, the Xbox One is expected to be outperformed by the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro in the U.S. Previously, the original PlayStation 4 was also noted as the best-selling console in the U.S. in November. The console reportedly sold more since deals came out with price reduced PS4 consoles.

PlayStation 4 Pro was notably launched that month that apparently helped boost sales of the original console. It has further been revealed that the Xbox One and the PS4 were among the most in-demand products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. PlayStation 4 bundles may still be seen for the holidays as well. Watch the Graphics Comparison of the PES 2017 in PS4 vs PS4 Pro here:

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