Are You The Guy No Man's Sky Developer Hello Games Is Looking For?

Despite the rollercoaster ride Hello Games went through, the studio isn't ready yet to give up on No Man's Sky yet. After all, the guys there have a duty to fulfill -- that's to serve the players who still believe in their game. And yes, this is definitely what they're up to these days. The video game company is looking for new people to be part of their team. Simply put, they're hiring!

As per the official site of the studio, they're set to hire a new writer. And take note: this isn't the only position they're offering. From QA Tester to Graduate Programmer to Experienced Programmer, they're looking for the right people to be part of their mission. As for the writing position, the specific details are as follows.

First, the No Man's Sky developer is looking for someone who has the "proven experience" to come up with "high quality written content." Of course, they meant a person who has concrete knowledge when it comes to writing about games. Moreover, one has to be super creative and (the most typical of all) has a keen eye when it comes to detail.

If that person is a "two trick pony" of sort, the job isn't for him/her. Furthermore, Hello Games is looking for a writer who knows anything or everything about video games. This is also means having the knowledge of understanding all the technical aspects that come to it.

What this means is that the studio is still up and running for No Man's Sky, contrary to popular belief. Because seriously, almost all people have expected the studio to cease its existence. While a writing position doesn't guarantee that the game is going to make a huge impact, it's still a good sign. That somehow, in one way or another, the company is still out there existing to support NMS.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky? How about Hello Games hiring new to people? Are you interested with the position(s)? If you do, simply email them at If you have other things to say, simply write it down at the comment section below!

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