Stardew Valley RPG Release Date: 5 Important Gameplay Tactics Every Player Should Know Before PS4, Xbox One Launch

PlayStation 4 version of Stardew Valley reportedly begins with an inherited family farm. The protagonist will then be tasked to clear out the property to plant more crops and grow more livestock. Furthermore, the player character may also earn gold by running the farm.

Alternatively, fishing and exploring mines also allows the player to invest in their new home in the PlayStation 4 version of the game. The game also features additional farm buildings and tool upgrades. The PlayStation 4 RPG game also adds house expansions among other helpful purchases in-game.

Apart from leveling character skills and running the farm, PlayStation 4 players may also opt to interact with the 30 and more characters that are featured in the Pelican Town village. PlayStation 4 players are also reportedly required to tend to their relationships with new opportunities to interact with the townspeople. The PlayStation 4 RPG game may also be considered a courting and marrying game.

PlayStation 4 version is expected to be launched on Dec. 13, 2016 followed by the Xbox One version on Dec. 14, 2016. The game has also been noted similar to the games Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon as well. Players are also set to combat with skeletons and slimes in the mines and caverns as well.

In other news, the PlayStation 4 reportedly increased in sales post PlayStation 4 Pro launch. Furthermore, the latter reportedly supports several games in 4K. Sony Interactive President Andrew House also noted that the PlayStation 4 Pro was intended to support and complement the original PlayStation 4 console.

PlayStation 4 Sales reportedly hiked by over 200 percent following the PlayStation 4 Pro launch. Back in May, the console already sold out 40 million consoles. However, after the Pro was launched last month, the console already sold 10 million more for a grand total of 50 million consoles sold in the market. Watch the Stardew Valley on PS4 here:

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