Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Farm AP When AFK Or While Sleeping

Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Farm AP When AFK Or While Sleeping
Short on AP? Learn how to farm some points while you're not playing Final Fantasy XV. Photo : Final Fantasy XV/YouTube

Ability Points (AP) in Final Fantasy XV are important in gaining new skills from the Ascension Tree. You can rack it up by playing as usual, but you can go out of your way to farm APs so you can get those skills you've been eyeing for a while much faster. You can even do it when you're away from keyboard, while at work or while sleeping. Let me show you how.

 What You Need

The Regalia Type F is the perfect vehicle for this guide, but it can only be accessed in post-game. You might be asking what you need APs for after finishing Final Fantasy XV, but you should know that there are plenty of activities and monsters stronger than the final boss after you beat the game. Learn how to get it here.

You also need Holy Lights to ward off the ultra-powerful daemons at night. Trust me, you don't want to encounter them while you're not tending to your characters (and even when you're playing!). While they will be easier to kill off at this stage in the game, you don't want your driving to be interrupted. Outside Final Fantasy XV, you need a rubber band or anything that can hold the trigger in place.

Few Notes To Remember

Make sure that you are not currently renting a Chocobo in Final Fantasy XV. Check your rentals if they are expired. If so, then you're good to go. You don't also want to equip speed upgrades to your Regalia. You will only drive at the default speed. Going faster will only make you crash, halting the AP farming process.

Start AP Farming

Now all you need is a loop wherein the gang will continue driving as long as you're holding the right key. Thanks to simplyyjohnny of Reddit, we can all use the loop as pictured here. Now, go to Taelpar Crag - Parking Spot. From there, drive on that road manually until the first turn, then drive North. This will make the car enter the loop, so you can go ahead and leave Final Fantasy XV while you do your real life thing.

Doing this method will get you hundreds of APs, depending how long you leave Final Fantasy XV like that. Just make sure there are no interruptions, which is why you want your Chocobo rentals to be expired (if they expire during AP farming, the game will pause).

You might also want to assign who Prompto should take pictures of before you leave the Regalia on loop. This is going to be a long ride, so you can expect him to go full blast on picture-taking. If he asks you while you're away, the game will pause. Once you've answered him, though, he won't ask again until after you have rested.

Other Ways To AFK AP Farm

A contributor to the thread mentioned another way to AP Farm in Final Fantasy XV while you're AFK, but it requires the use of a PS4 Turbo Controller - like this one. The video can be seen below, if you want to try it out for yourself, but it's in Japanese. The user Jtacdf claimed that they managed to get over 3,000 AP overnight with method.

"Go do the basic level 5 training at camp. 1) Hold turbo button and press R1, repeat it for a second time. 2) Hold turbo button and press triangle, repeat it for a second time. 3) Hold turbo button and press circle, repeat it for a second time," the user detailed.

How about you? Care to share your AP farming methods in Final Fantasy XV? Leave us a comment below!

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