Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Get Regalia Type F; Unlocking The Secret Dungeon Through Flying

Final Fantasy 15 takes RPG to the next level by giving astonishing visuals, intricate plot, concise storytelling method and diverse combat mechanics which all sums up for the 10-year span of project development by Square Enix. The game has several hidden features which one in particular, can only be reached after successfully finishing the game. Today, we're going to show you how to obtain the Regalia Type F and unlock the secret dungeon in the game.

Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Get Regalia Type F

First off, you need to finish the game. Yes, that's right - finishing the game will let you unlock a whole bunch of contents including new side quests which one in particular, will enable you to transform your Regalia into the Type F. For those of you that are new to JRPGs, well, RPGs from Japan particularly Final Fantasy offers new contents outside the main storyline; Final Fantasy 15 is no exception. Now, if you want to unlock the airship in Final Fantasy 15, then you must first clear the game.

Once you finished the main story, hop back into the game and take the Formouth Garrison side quest. Simply head over the quest location and brace yourself for an hour-long quest-chain. Take note that this quest has a level requirement of 46.

After you finish the quest, you'll be rewarded with a "strange engine" which is the third part that you need to transform your Regalia. Now, head over to Hammerhead and give Cindy all the three parts (the other two parts were already obtained after the completion of Chapters 5 and 6). Now, once you hand over the parts, simply select "Change to Regalia Type F" and you now have the flying airship!

Final Fantasy 15 Guide: Secret Dungeon

The secret dungeon in Final Fantasy 15 can only be accessed via the Regalia Type F. In order to reach it, you need to fly to the east into this specific location. Once you're here, you'll stumble upon a secret dungeon that needs a lot of platforming in order to advance. A player from Reddit said that it took him nearly five hours in order to finish the dungeon.

What do you like most about Final Fantasy 15? Do you think it's well worth the 10-year wait? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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