Introducing The Hypersonic Jet That Can Take You To Far Places Like London To New York In Just 2 Hours

Taking a trip around the world has never been this fast until the discovery of a new aircraft design which has the ability of transporting passengers from Los Angeles to Sydney in less than three hours. On its flight, the Paradoxal aircraft, which is a commercial hypersonic passenger aircraft, published on the Canadian-based website Imaginactive, known to be a non-profit organization (NPO) claims to be able to enable its passengers to gaze down at the Earth and stars.

The Paradoxal Flights: How Effective Can It Get?

According to certain reports, the designers of the vehicle claims that although the Paradoxal's primary use would be super-fast travel, the passenger jet could also be developed for various other users by government agencies. In one of his statements reported by Daily Mail, Juan Garcia Mansilla, an industrial designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the designer behind the jet has claimed that there's more usage to the jet other thank just being the typical and plain aircraft or spacecraft. He said that it can also be perceived as an aircraft that mixes space tourism with business travel.

Furthermore, Mirror reports that in mid-flight, passengers could see earth's curvature and the plane's multiple on-board cameras and watch a live video feed of the view. Authorities have also revealed that passengers would be able to sit in one large, theatre-like cabin meaning that galleys, heads and baggage stowage compartments will be no more.

On the other hand, it was found that recently last week, a Canadian designer Charles Bombardier claims his concept plane, called the Antipode, could be ten times faster than Concorde. The aircraft designer has claimed that the next-generation jet could take passengers from London to New York in just 20 minutes. However, experts said that while the idea of a hypersonic jet remains hypothetical, it's not beyond the realms of possibility.

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