Google Pixel Oficially Designed To Steal Customers From Apple´s iPhones

The almighty Google Pixel flagship, which has been considered as one of the most amazing smartphones that were released this year, was officially designed to steal customers from Apple´s iPhones, since Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer admitted that moving away customers from Apple´s ecosystem to embrace the Android Nougat was the most important goal to achieve.

Stealing Users From Apple´s iPhones Was Priority Number One

As reported by Express, every single detail about the Google Pixels makes perfectly sense now, considering that this is a phone whose hardware is really well-built, and its software is sufficiently friendly to make anyone feel comfortable with the Android OS. This makes it easier to catch users from Apple´s iPhones, given the fact that there has always been some kind of rivalry between those who use Apple and those who use Android.

In fact, it can be seen with a different perspective how the Google Pixel came with a similar price tag, including a lot of exclusive software features that were purposefully created for the hardware unavailable on any other smartphone that uses Android. Of course, all of these details have been extremely important to make this product to steal customers from Apple´s iPhones and compete with it.

Samsung Already Knew About The Google Pixel Before It Was Designed

According to BGR, in addition to the goal of catching the people who use Apple´s iPhones, Lockheimer also revealed that Google partners like Samsung knew about the Pixel long before it was designed, which could mean that both companies are preparing the proper scenario to make Apple lose customers.

Naturally, this would mean a win-win situation since the search giant would take advantage of Samsung´s popularity, and the South Korean company would take advantage of how the Pixel stole users from Apple´s iPhones. Although this smartphone succeed in its goal, the truth is that Google´s mobile device is one of the best you could buy right now, no matter if its background looks like a conspiracy.

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