Reasons Why The iPhone 7 Plus Is A Cool Phone

iPhone 7
A photo of the iPhone 7 phones. Photo : Apple/YouTube

I have always liked how the iPhones look, but my family kept giving me Samsung phones for some reason; I don't know why.

In my quest to probably get an iPhone this month (if there is a sale) or next year, I started to research what the iPhone could possibly offer that other phone brands don't or something that the iPhones excel in. Though I have this slight interest with iPhones, I still can't get over the fact that they are heavy which makes me don't want to hold them, especially the older models. It just feels so foreign to me.

So, I was watching these videos on YouTube which I personally had a hard time to relate to, given that I never had an iPhone. But nevertheless, it was quite helpful and gave me some insights about the cool aspects of the iPhone 7 Plus. Here is the information I gathered from the sources:

3D Touch

One thing great about the iPhone 7 Plus is that it has this feature called 3D Touch. This makes the iPhone 7 Plus more user-friendly or easy to use because it gives the user shortcuts to access the apps quickly. Based on the source, a good example is you can quickly view the score at an app called CricBuzz by just tapping the app without having the need to fully open the app.

Control Center

Again with the 3D Touch, users can quickly set the Timer and access the setting of different types of lighting at the Home screen. The user can also access the camera and camera modes very quickly. I think this really caters to our lifestyle because nowadays we want things done as quick as possible.

Quick Access To Siri

You may know this feature already, but still, Siri is fun to play with - I mean absolutely helpful. Before, to access Siri, you need to hold the Home button. But now, users can access Siri by locking their screen and just say the magic phrase, "Hey, Siri" and their question. You can even say it from afar.

Prioritize Downloads

There are times that we may find ourselves downloading more the one app at once. With the iPhone 7 Plus, you can pick which app download to prioritize. This is great when you're downloading those "videos," if you know what I mean.

Quickly Clear Notification

Personally, I don't find this feature very useful, but it was featured in one of the videos so I decided to write it about it anyway. Well, this feature lets the user clear the notifications with just one tap. Yeah, right? I mean, in my Samsung phone, I just swipe from the top to bottom and tap the clear option and it's gone.

Hard Reset

I remember back in the day when phones used to feature removable batteries. When my phone hangs up and is not responsive even though I tried pressing the power button, I will just remove the battery.

Well, in the iPhone 7 Plus, users can do a force reset by holding the power button and volume button. Different, right? Yeah, because before users will have to hold the power button and home button to force reset the device. Wait, maybe this is why there are rumors that Apple has plans to remove the home button on its iPhone 8. Just a thought.


Everyone knows that the iPhone 7 Plus has an amazing camera set-up. It has a dual camera system that features a 12 MP wide-angle camera and a 12 MP telephoto camera. The wide angle is what is mostly used for the taking videos and pictures, while the telephoto camera is used for optical zoom and portray shots.

Red iPhone

This is just a bonus. Based on the reports, the iPhones for next year will come in red. Just like I said earlier, I like how the iPhones look like. And to think that it will come in red, I find that very sexy.

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