MacBook Pro Offers New Apps To Enhance Experience With Touch Bar

Although the touch bar has become the most controversial feature that Apple has released with its 2016 MacBook Pro, there are now many apps that will enhance the experience and make you take side with those who believe that this is the best laptop ever released because of this feature. You can almost find every single app you can imagine, which clearly show Apple´s huge ambitions to make this device one of its most popular products.

Apps To Switch Between Open Applications And Play Some Music

For example, it was reported that the touch bar can now become a music instrument thanks to several apps that will turn it into a piano, or even a drum. Of course, the art of playing some music on this laptop is not only limited to these instruments, considering that you have in total 128 of them, including strings and even a choir.

Another amazing app that you can have on the touch bar is TouchSwitcher, which is so helpful that it will definitely enhance your experience not only with this feature, but also with the Macbook Pro. We´re talking about an app that allows you to access and switch between all the open applications and programs on the laptop, without having to cycle through them.

The Touch Bar Will Set A Turning Point For Apple

There´s also the famous Nyan Cat, the KnightTouchbar 2000 with which you can turn the MacBook Pro into Kitt from Knight Rider and hear the song, the TouchBar Santa to grace the Christmas, the TouchFart to act immature, and many other apps that will not only entertain you, but also make your experience with the touch bar and the laptop something really great.

Although it stills quite soon to make a conclusion about the touch bar, it is possible that this feature becomes another turning point for Apple, considering that it could end up as a huge failure, or such a success that future laptops would also be equipped with the touch in the place where the function keys used to be. Is just a matter of time to see which would be the legacy of this innovation

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