'The Vampire Diaries' Fans Angry At Producers, Will Boycott If Nina Dobrev Won't Come Back

The Vampire Diaries series is about to be over and we all know that. Arguably one of the most followed TV series will take the hitch hike and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, they have to clear one more thing before they move out.

Nina Dobrev’s Status In The Vampire Diaries Is Still Being Questioned

This has been ongoing already for al least two months right now. The closure between Nina Dobrev and The Vampire Diaries franchise is back to zero. Some fans are already irate and will boycott if one of the most iconic cast in the show(Nina Dobrev) won’t be present in the series finale. As of the moment, every news magazine and TV station is confused about the real score between Dobrev and The Vampire Diaries.

There was a report already last October that one of their head producers already confirmed the return of Nina Dobrev. It’s almost end of the year and we haven’t heard any confirmations yet from Nina Dobrev or the production team of The Vampire Diaries. The allegations that was spread out two months ago is very misleading and you can’t blame the fans if they are angry about it.

Nina Dobrev And Ian Somerhalder

As per reports, one of the main reason they cannot pull the trigger is because of Ian Somerhalder. To those who doesn’t know(which I believe you do), Ian Somerhalder once married Nina Dobrev. They were considered as the very first power couple in a TV series. However, their relationship didn’t end well. An insider mentioned that their breakup led to Nina Dobrev’s disappearance in the show.

Also, the producers fear that if Nina Dobrev will comeback and reunites with Ian Somerhalder, it might anger Nikki Reed. Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed are not it good terms. Their silent feud is fully documented and Nina going back to The Vampire Diaries means trouble to Ian Somerhalder.

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