Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: First Global Event Fails By A Huge Margin; But Why?

A few weeks ago, Pokemon Sun and Moon launched their first global event. Players were given a simple task: collect a total 100 million Pokemon in the games by the deadline. Winning it would reward all participants with a hefty prize. Losing it, on the other hand, would only entitle players to a participation prize. Now that the event has ended, the results are finally in: failure.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Event Status Report: Fail

"Unfortunately, the result of the first Global Mission was failure," the tally reads in English (via Kotaku). Not only did players come short of the 100 million goal, they did not even come close. The tally shows that only a total of 16,423,231 Pokemon were caught in Pokemon Sun and Moon in the duration of the Global Event.

According to the English announcement, the mission goal was "just missed." Judging by the results, though, it was not simply "missed." If the goal was 1/6 of 100 million instead, then they can go ahead and say that the goal was "just missed."

"But not all is lost," the announcement says, "everyone who added their Pokémon to the count will receive a participation prize of 100 Festival Coins!" That's not at all bad for those who took the effort to join the first Global event.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Global Event's Downfall

Pokemon Sun and Moon are some of the most popular games right now. Catching 100 million creatures from Nov. 19 to Dec. 12, which spans 23 days, should not be that hard to achieve. However, what may have contributed to the Global Event's failure is the registration process.

Players are not automatically registered. Before players can contribute to the total tally, they must register their Pokemon Sun and Moon games first. It requires syncing the games to the Pokemon Global Link website.

Some may have found the entire process not worth the effort and others may simply be unaware. To those who want to participate in the next Pokemon Sun and Moon Global event that will start this month, it may pay well to register now using this guide.

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