Power Rangers Movie: Power Rangers Zords Revealed, Megazord Release Did Not Impress Fans? Movie Release Date Final

Power Rangers is a pop culture icon to say the least. Whether you are born in the 80's 90's or even if you are a millennial, you've heard about it and now, they are ready to conquer the silver screen.

Power Rangers Legacy

The massive live action superhero television series produced by Saban Entertainment will go down as one of the greats. Power Rangers is patterned from the Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai produced by Toei Company. Saban let go of the franchise and it was passed on to BVS entertainment. As of 2015, SCG took Power Rangers and so far they are making some progress. The very first Power Ranger was called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which debuted on August 29, 1993.

Power Rangers catapulted into popular culture and they literally and figuratively destroyed the ratings. Despite their success there were a lot of criticisms surrounding Power Rangers. Violence and explicit language were the primary topic on why the show should be cancelled. There was even multiple groups created that filed a petition to nullify Power Rangers but it didn't happen.

The show continued to grow as the years progress. They were able to do a total of 23 television season of 19 different themed series. Until now, producers and legions of fans are puzzled with regards to the petition that was created. One news site states that once the movie will be released, producers will receive an appeal to cancel the show.

Power Rangers Movie: Zords Revealed And Megazord Release

The film was originally scheduled for release last July 2016 but they decided to push it back January 2017. Power Rangers the movie will not be complete without the Zords. They need the Zords for them to defeat Rita Repulsa. Zords or Megazord is the main weapon of Power Rangers, they can be combined together or they can use it as it is.

We have the Tyrannosaurus Rex - Red Ranger, Triceratops - Blue Ranger, Mastodon - Black Ranger, Saber-Toothed Tiger - Yellow Ranger and Pterodactyl - Pink Ranger. When combined, they will form a Megazord which usually defeats their enemies.

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