Pokemon GO' Guide: How To Get Magby In The Game?

The latest update of 'Pokemon GO' includes new baby Pokemon to catch including Magby. This Pokemon is the base form of the Magmar which is one of the favorite Pokemon in the game. So this article is all about helping players increase their chances of finding a Magby as early as possible in the game.

How to Get Magby in 'Pokemon GO'?

The only way to get a baby Magby in the game is to hatch it from an egg. Magby only comes out from a 10 KM egg so its going to take a lot of walking and quite some time before players can hatch the egg. However, not all 10 KM eggs will hatch a Magby so if players are not lucky they will need a number of 10 KM eggs before they get one.

But for players who really want a Magby, there is a way to speed up the process of finding one. Its going to cost some money because this trick will require lots of incubator. And all the player needs to do is incubate all their 10 KM eggs and start walking or biking. If budget permits, players can also incubate all their 2 KM eggs to make room for more eggs from the Pokestop. Once the eggs hatches and no Magby comes out, the player just needs to repeat the process until they get one.

Other Baby Pokemon to Catch in 'Pokemon GO'

Aside from the baby Magby, 'Pokemon GO' also released other baby Pokemon in the game including Igglybuff, Cleffa, Pichu, Togepi, Elekid and Smoochum. Unlike baby Magby, the other baby Pokemon hatches from 2 KM and 5 KM eggs. The easiest one to get is Igglybuff and Clefa as they hatch from a 2 KM eggs while Pichu and Togepi from 5 KM eggs.

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