Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Fish Like A Pro

By Alvin Elfwine , Dec 15, 2016 04:20 AM EST

In Final Fantasy XV, one of the coolest things to do is fishing. Both the players and Noctis' gang can experience a relaxing side activity, away from the usual thrill that the open-world game provides. While its mechanic is pretty simple, having concrete knowledge is advantageous. Here's how to fish in Square Enix's latest title like a pro.

The Importance Of Angler Action

If players want to make the most out of fishing, the Angler Action is what they solely need. So, before doing this activity, it's best to head first to the Ascension Skill Tree's Exploration tab and acquire it. This one here costs around 18 AP (simply to unlock it); however, it's all worth it. Why? That's because it already offers a reward of at least 1 AP per fish that's caught. This means that not only is the fishing skill being upgraded, players will also have the chance to accumulate APs for the various unlocks.

Re-Spool That Line From Time To Time

This is arguably one of the most neglected technique when fishing in Final Fantasy XV. Most players just simply don't understand its importance. That they should be instead giving enough attention to their line, maintaining it from time to time. It's the one that determines just how long is long enough to wrestle a particular fish. Because if durability becomes an issue, it's almost impossible to catch even a single one. The idea here, in one way or another, is pretty basic (so to speak).

Understand The Lures

Lures, regardless of their types or sizes, are key when it comes to catching various kinds of fish. Nonetheless, it's a fact that these are quite complicated. For the most part, there are truckload of lures available to the game. Hence it can be difficult to choose which is which. However, the technique here is to understand which one works best than the other.

Note that in Final Fantasy XV, there are a total of 6 different lures. These are Poppers, Pencils, Crankbaits, Swishers, Vibrations and Minnows. Poppers are used for fish that swim just near the body of water. Pencils are more useful early in the morning. Crankbaits are apt for those who want to go for fishing on spots that have underwater obstructions (rocks and branches, among others). Swishers are there to give life to calm waters, while Vibrations work best on fishing spots with wide areas. Lastly, Minnows are all about being used in clear waters.

What are your thoughts on this Final Fantasy XV guide? Any other tips you can share when it comes to fishing? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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