Dishonored 2 Deals: How To Get One For $20, Free Shipping?

Dishonored 2 PC version is discounted largely at Dell. Currently, the stealth action game can only be purchased for $20, free of shipping fee.

The Dishonored 2 deal will come with only the physical copy, but with a Steam Key according to slick Deals. All interested players can visit the Dell website directly and place individual orders.

Dell has also discounted Dishonored 2 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, for an unbelievable deal of $40. There is no further information as to when the deals would last; however, it may just be like all other discounted merchandise, it may only run until supplies last.

With Dishonored 2's recent discounts, players will have the ability to put together Corvo's abilities with Emily's signature powers. These two will come up with custom combos easily.

Dishonored 2's new Game Plus will be unlocked once players are able to complete the game with whoever character they have chosen. Players are then prompted to start the game from the very first level, this time wearing each of the hero's fully equipped suite alongside all Runes and Bone Charm Traits from the completed playthroughs. Another option, however, is to have the features reassigned.

Meanwhile, Dishonored 2 will also receive a title update. The game update 1's new feature includes a quick-access wheel menu for players who would want to unhide or hide items. The new Game Plus mode, also, falls under this update bracket.

Other Dishonored 2 improved features are fixes and enhancements in the Blood thirst, fixes in the Bonecharm effects such as those in Spiritual Pool and Strong Arm. AI locomotion enhancement for running and fix for oraculum false-kill count in the Royal Conservatory have been cited also.

Dishonored 2 will also have more customization options that are set to arrive in January, together with the second batch of free updates. The customization options will include Custom Difficulty Settings and Mission Select. Dishonored 2 New Game Plus is set for release on Dec 19 for Xbox one, PS4, and PC. Watch video about Dishonored 2 Live Action Trailer - Take Back What's Yours here:


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