Overwatch Fans Say Match Replay History Is Necessary; Spectator Mode, Scoreboard Must Too!

Overwatch has been one of the best games of all time. However, the game's imperfections have seemed to motivate its developer to do more and make Overwatch even better. That said, the following list some of the features that most fans believed are necessary for the game improvement.

Overwatch: Match Replay History

While other games reportedly have this already built into their game, the fans are wondering why Overwatch does not have this yet. In fact, it is thought to be phenomenal if players are able to go and look back on their greatest matches.

Overwatch: Spectator Mode

Although Overwtch does not seem to require this mode, most fans still believe that spectator mode would be a great addition. Based on reports, an additional dedicated spectator mode to Overwatch can encourage the community to have  a longer game immersion even if they are not taking part in any of the matches themselves. This is due to the fact that some people have been observed to prefer watching others play, which explains the existence of Twitch and live streaming.

Overwatch: Scoreboard

While any modern day shooter game, including several old games, already have a tab scoreboard, Overwatch has chosen to hold back on this feature for some reasons. According to reports, the scoreboard tab feature is necessary for a team based strategy shooter like Overwatch, given that it would benefit the players in changing their strategies as the match evolves by having the chance to see important information on their enemies, general match stats in real time and teammates as well.

Meanwhile, Overwatch received a new patch recently, bringing in the new Christmas-themed Winter Wonderland event, including several bug fixes as well as the much-awaited rework for the support hero Symmetra. According to reports, the patch notes have been gathered directly from the official Blizzard website, but were slightly edited for clarity and length.

In the new seasonal event called Winter Wonderland in Overwatch, the King's Row and Hanamura are said to be decked out in holiday lights. A new collection of Christmas-themed cosmetic items, including a new special mode called Mei's Snowball Offensive are also reported to be featured in the event. Watch Overwatch - Winter Wonderland Trailer


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