The White House Assure Donald Trump Knew About The Russian Hackers Before The Elections And Took Advantage Of It

Another huge controversy is surrounding the President-elect Donald Trump since the White House press secretary Josh Earnest assured that he was aware of the hacking campaign made by Russian hackers to the Democratic Party and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and that the President-elect took advantage of it.

Trump Encouraged The Russian Hackers

It was reported that Earnest explained there was evidence shared before the presidential election about the Trump campaign in Russia, and that the clearer proof was the republican nominee himself called out the nation to hack his political rival. For Earnest and the White House, this was an indication that Trump knew that Russia was somehow involved and that their actions was having a damaging impact on his opponents, which was the reason why he encouraged the hackers to keep committing their operation.

Regarding these assertions, the White House press secretary remembered during a press conference on 14 December the episode in which Donald Trump asserted that the Russian hackers would be "rewarded mightily" if they locate 30,000 "missing" mails from Hillary Clinton´s personal server. Also, Earnest explained that even when there´s still some debate about the hackers´ real intentions, it was pretty clear which was the consequences of their actions.

The White House Didn't Act Slow

According to CNN, regarding the fact that the White House didn't give an immediate response to the hackers´ issue, Earnest explained President Obama didn't act slowly. He needed the complete review of the 17 U.S. intelligence agencies before making the information public, considering how inappropriate would have been if the White House made a rush statement about the situation.

As it was reported in a previous article, Julian Assange´s confidante and former U.K. ambassador for Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, confessed that he knew the people who made the hackings, and they were insiders. According to his words, it was impossible that Russian were behind these acts, since this was an operation that could only be made by people who are close to the target.

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