'General Hospital' Spoilers: Puzzling Tweet Sparks Character Return, Lulu Is Charlotte’s Mother

There are a lot of things that we need to look out for in the iin-coming episodes of General Hospital. There are plots that are still confusing but Lulu and Charlotte’s segment will be the focus.

Lulu Is Charlotte’s Mother

For the longest time, Lulu and Charlotte had some questions with regards to their life. Charlotte has been trying to figure out the puzzle on who her real mother is since the previous episodes. Lulu then realized that finding Charlotte as her daughter is not enough. A battle is also eminent on who should take care of Charlotte. Some insiders states that hey are facing a bloody mess and will lead to Charlotte hating her mother.

Spoiler Alert

Aside from Lulu and Charlotte’s segment, we also learned that Anna is investigating Valentin’s past. Meanwhile, Finn will do absolutely anything to win Hayden. It was fully documented that Finn is very obsessive, especially with Hayden. His obsession will somehow lead to his misery and hopefully he will able to handle it properly. Franco caged Tom and Tom issues a warning about him being locked up on a cage.

General Hospital New Season Delayed

This is not the only TV series that will be hit by President Obama’s press conference. As reported since last week, major TV networks will likely cancel their scheduled television shows due to the press conference of President Obama(POTUS). ABC Executive Nathan Varni already confirmed the news via Twitter. Some of the fans are irate because of the sudden change and decision but it is what it is. Supposedly, the new episode should be aired today but it was moved to December 19.

A follow up episode will be shown on December 23, 4 days after showing the latest episode in General Hospital. Bryan Craig(Port Charles’ Morgan Corinthos) just started a buzz that he is returning to the show. The talented actor tweeted some cryptics message which is pertaining to his comeback.

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