'Legends Of Tomorrow' To Add Another Major Character From The Originals Series

The CW Series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is regaining its momentum when it comes to storyline and ratings. They might have shown the season finale but that doesn’t stop them to provide a pivotal change in the series.

Legends Of Tomorrow Adds A Character From The Originals

The producers of Legends of Tomorrow are pulling all the hat trick right now. They are going all in when it comes to storytelling and we can’t wait for the outcome. Yesterday, the show dropped a major bomb when they “announced” that they are adding another character. This actress doesn’t really need an introduction as she is famous with other TV series such as The Originals and Stargate Universe. Thanks to Caity Lotz tweet, we learned that Elyse Levesque will play a vital role in the upcoming episode.

Although she is considered as starlet by others, she is a big star to TV series fanatics. Right now, her character is already being developed. She will play the role of Queen Guinevere. As per reports, she will appear in one of the episode in February. Fans already have a hint on what episode she’ll be introduce. Marc Guggenheim started to tease fans last season’s twelfth episode. Also, they already come up with a title on the episode naming it “ Camelot 3000”. This is a direct reference to an on DC Comics.

Camelot 3000

For those who are not familiar with Camelot 3000, today is your lucky day. Let me give you pointers on what happened on this saga. DC comics was just starting before, back in 1982 they decided to publish Camelot 3000, an exclusive twelve-issue comic book series. The saga focuses on King Arthur and his odyssey. The king and his knights were reincarnated to stop Morgan Le Fay again. Also, Dr. Nate Haywood or Nick Zano shared on his Instagram account a picture of them covered with blood and mud.

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