A Techy Christmas: The Best Holiday Tech Gifts Under $100

A Techy Christmas: The Best Holiday Tech Gifts Under $100
There is roughly a week before Christmas, which means there is still time to run to the store and pick up gifts for loved ones. And when there is doubt, the best route to take is to buy a tech item. Photo : C|Net/YouTube

There are multiple items to choose from in the tech market that will make a great gift, but most are going to cost a relatively large sum of money. However, there are a few key items that rest pretty below the US$100 mark, which is both thoughtful and useful. Any of these items will undoubtedly be one of the best gifts to be given and received this year for anyone - techy or not.

As noted by C|Net, a great product to gift someone is the Logitech UE Roll 2, which is available on Amazon for just US$95. The Bluetooth speaker is fully waterproof and perfect for parties of any kind, but particularly outdoor parties. There are several color options to suit the owner and an attached floatation device to make it perfect for the pool.

Best Products adds that the Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet, which retails for US$90, would make a great gift as well. The model was just recently refreshed and is available in a handful of different colors, including black, blue, pink and red. The design is lightweight and sports an 8 inch HD display. And while it works well on its own, it is best paired with an Amazon Prime account.

If the person is into gaming and needs an extra accessory to push the gaming experience to the next level, a good buy is the SteelSeries Arctis Gaming Headset, which retails for about US$80. The newly launched item is perfect for gamers of all ages who dabble in all kinds of titles. It features excellent sound, is comfortable and has a microphone that is ultra-sensitive for those vital times of communication.

One item that is probably on everyone's wish list is the NES Classic Edition, which retails just US$60 - but costs so much more on platforms like eBay. The remake of the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System is perfect for older gamers who want a glimpse of their first hold of a gaming console. The device is preinstalled with some of the most beloved retro games, including "The Legend Of Zelda," "Final Fantasy," "Donkey Kong" and several "Mario" titles.

Meanwhile, the second generation of the Amazon Echo Dot is available for just US$50. The item, which is just a miniature version of the original Echo works just the same. Users simply need to call out for Alexa, and the smart speaker will do pretty much anything, from playing music, to giving the weather report, to fact checking and booking an Uber. Furthermore, the Amazon Echo Dot control any smart home accessories. This is because of Amazon's large list of skills, which the company partners up with multiple third-party developers for. Moreover, the smartspeaker can accommodate more than one "account" at a time.

The Roku Express, on the other hand, is a simple gadget that can completely change the way a person watched TV. The device, which costs only US$29, works much like Google's Chromecast in that it turns any TV into a smart TV. It supports all major streaming services as well as multiple content channels.

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