‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Spoilers, News And Updates: Leaked Pictures Of 3 Castles; How Kylo Ren Found Luke In Ahch-To Theory Revealed?

Ireland is now becoming the sources of leaks and spoilers of "Star Wars" episode 8. Apparently, there were some photos of the set in that place that were leaked recently. These pictures showed 3 castles that are apparently being used in the filming of the movie. Another rumor is also circulating that say Kylo Ren somehow found a way to locate Luke Skywalker in his secret hideaway.

The Place Appears To Have A Film Production Camp Site

The recent rumors about "Star Wars" episode 8 started when Mike Zeroh posted in his YouTube Channel pictures showing building structures in West Cork, North Ireland, particularly the Three Castles Head. Located at one of the picture's bottom right corner is a camp site that is used by the film production crew. The image also showed a helicopter flying overhead the camp.

The source of the photos, according to Mike Zeroh, did not say if there was any filming done for that specific location. Filming could have possibly been going on, but there is really no way to confirm this fact. However, since the photos were taken in a place where filming for "Star Wars" episode 8 is confirmed, it is very likely that shooting is ongoing in the said location.

How Kylo Ren Will Find Luke Skywalker

In a related development, another theory has surfaced about the way by which Kylo Ren will be able to locate the hideaway of Luke Skywalker. The source of this theory came from a video posted by Dash Star on his YouTube account. Based on this theory, the First Order has placed a homing beacon in the Millennium Falcon.

The video pointed out that there was a deleted scene from "The Force Awakens" which shows Kylo Ren and the Stormtroopers boarding the ship. They may have placed a homing beacon at that particular time. Then General Hux informed Snoke, the Supreme Leader, that they have a way of tracking the Millennium wherever it goes. So, when "Star Wars" episode 8 hit theaters in 2017, fans may see Kylo Ren descending on Luke's planet Ahch-To.

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