How Did Patch 7.00 Improve Dota 2? Find Out Here

Dota 2 fans were ecstatic when the game was improved with update 7.00. Since it was released last 2010, players started to drift from its predecessor and became more interested in the game. The biggest changed they have noticed is how the very core of the game evolved.

The addition of The Monkey King in Dota 2 is the first thing that players noticed in the game. It was not originally from its predecessor but players thought that Valve might have gone overboard with its newest character. However, players are starting to like the latest hero.

The Monkey King's skills include tree jumping before it will attack his enemy. The enemy needs to defend himself before the king can attack him for four times because he will surely die. According to Red Bull, its ability called Boundless Strike has a 200 percent critical strike and two second stun line.

The Monkey King's Mischief ability gives it a chance to transform into anything from its surroundings such as trees and courier before it lunges into its opponent. The players have noted how the imbalance of these characters may destroy Valve but this has never happened.

The players are also happy with the upgraded Aghanims Scepter. They have been waiting for this because this can contribute a lot in the gameplay. When it comes to Talents in Dota 2, they said that the stat points have been replaced with a talent tree that allows heroes to pick different talents at levels 10, 15, 20 and 25.

Lastly, the players in Dota 2 will not encounter any problems with the strategy screen, because with the update 7.00, the issue is now fixed. They can now be used to predict where their enemies will be going on the map.

Pub players are rejoicing with the strategy screen because they can purchase items before everyone in the team engages in the match. The only thing that they must keep in mind is to be careful when their teammates are using ward icons.

Overall, Dota 2 is cooler and more exciting than before. The players may encounter some bugs in the game but they still think that the update is still worth it. Hopefully, Valve will fix the other problems brought by the update.

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