‘Dragon Ball Super’ News & Spoilers: Universe Survival Arc Preview Unveiled; Losing Teams Will Have Their Universe Blown Up

By Mandy Adams , Dec 17, 2016 08:58 AM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" will enter a new arc on Feb. 5. During the Jump Festa, Toei Animation revealed more details about the Survival Universe arc and what fans should look forward to in the upcoming saga.

"Dragon Ball Super" Universe Survival Arc

It is official, "Dragon Ball Super" is going to have a new saga and it is going to be another tournament which will involve the fiercest warriors from all 12 universes. Based on the teasers, the Omni-king decided to hold a tournament on Goku's request. However, the stakes are quite high since the losers will not just go home feeling ashamed, they might not have a home to go back to.

In this tournament, the Omni-king will be the one to decide what the rules will be. During the Jump Festa, it was revealed that the new saga is called Universe Survival arc because if a team loses, the universe where they came from will be destroyed. From the Future Trunks Arc, every DBS fan knows that Omni-king has the ability to destroy an entire universe. Destroying a universe because their representatives are weak will not be out of character for the Omni-king.

“Dragon Ball Super” New Opening Song

To coincide with the start of the new arc, "Dragon Ball Super" will get a new opening theme. The song which will start playing on the debut of the Universe Survival arc is entitled "Limit-Break x Survivor." The track is performed by Kiyoshi Hikawa, the lyrics written by Yukinojo Moro and composition is by Takafumi Iwasaki.

From the preview for the Universe Survival arc, it seems that Toyotaro who is the illustrator for "Dragon Ball Super" manga is starting to work on the new saga. The last release for the DBS manga featured the Future Trunks arc and the battle between the Saiyans, Zamasu, and Black Goku was not over yet. This could mean that the manga will be rushed to catch up with the anime version.

"Dragon Ball Super" is currently in its 71st episode which is scheduled to air on Sunday, Dec. 18.

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