World Of Warcraft Vanilla News: Kronos And Awakening Announce Changes After Nostalrius Came Live

Blizzard successfully shut down the most popular World of Warcraft legacy server, Nostalrius. However, Nostalrius managed to reactivate the server through Elysium. Shortly after Nostalrius came live and open to all the vanilla World of Warcraft players a few days ago, two different legacy servers also announced major changes, Kronos and Awakening.

Kronos Merge 1 And 2 Will Merge With New Content Naxxramas

Kronos World of Warcraft legacy server officially announced on their website their next steps as a project. One of the changes they are working into is the merging of their two separate servers, Kronos I and Kronos II, with new content Naxxramas. These changes will be launched in 2017 after War Effort concludes and all guilds have closed the eye of the Old God at the end of Ahn'Qiraj Temple.

The Naxxramas will arrive at the public test realm on December 9, with all the characters on Kronos I cloned into the PTR. According to Kronos, Naxxramas will be released all at once after public testing. Another change they'll make is the players' ability to change race and faction, which will arrive after the two servers have been unified.

Awakening Server Announced Major Changes

The Awakening server also revealed massive overhaul in their system as they announced new contents including Headhunting/Bounty Hunter system which allows players to set bounties for the heads of their enemies. Another new feature has been added called Scroll of Unlearning which gives players the option to unlearn single abilities for 100 gold.

Poison Profession is now also available in the game, and the event Nightmare Before Winterveil. The Nightmare Before Winterveil Event will start on December 20 where players can slay an exclusive boss in Winterspring. The boss will be active until December 27.

Kronos and Awakening are only a few of the many World of Warcraft legacy servers that exist. Despite Blizzard's effort to get rid of these, especially the Nostalrius, World of Warcraft vanilla players continue to support these legacy servers. Blizzard cited "failure to protect against intellectual property infringement" as the reason they have been trying to shut the servers down.

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