'Dragon Ball Super' Update:The 12 Gods Revealed, Universal Survival Arc Has Begun

By Dez Bryant , Dec 18, 2016 04:01 PM EST
Dragon Ball Super - All The 12 Gods Revealed (Photo : Sam Kan / YouTube)

Dragon Ball Super is going all in as they teased fans with what will happen in the next episode. We already know our mighty hero Goku will die in episode 72 but there are a lot of things that will be shown after his death.

Vados Ordered Hit To Kill Goku

This has been an ongoing debate in most of Dragon Ball Super forums and page but apparently, our friends from reddit and youtube has the answer. When this rumor started, a lot of fans were dumbfounded on why Vados aligned with the legendary assassin, Hit. Much has been said about Hit and his unorthodox ways but we never really had the chance to ask if he’s doing it for bounty or personal glory. Remember the time when Vados was able to convince Hit to participate in the last tournament? He lured Hit and promised him that if he wins, he will get Champa’s cube.

One of the most respectable YouTube channel just spill the beans. Vados ordered the legendary assassin Hit to kill Goku. However, Vados was only ordered by an unknown “God” and that will be discussed by next week as per Sam Kan. Goku and Hit already fought but there was considerable rules to follow during their fight. As an assassin, Hit is known for killing his enemies swiftly. We already saw the clip where Hit was behind Goku and in one snap of his finger, Goku was dropped to the ground. His Ki level decreased which was notice by Gohan who went for her father’s immediate aide.

The 12 Gods Revealed At Jump Fiesta 2017

This might be the biggest spoiler from Jump Fiesta 2017 as they revealed the 12 Gods Of Destruction from different universe. The clip shows a manga version of the series in which the high priest was walking the aisle. Everybody was there including Beerus and Goku. There was a part on that video when they were shocked about one Universe that was blown up. Then the high priest started his march and the 12 Gods were all there bowing in his presence. Omni King(present and future) is comfortably sitting on their chair and looking excited about the things that will unfold. All of the 12 Gods looks like Beerus and Champa, they have the signature “cat like” features and big ears.

The 12 Gods of Destruction looks intense as they look at each other. The High Priest looks calm as he glances each and every Gods of Destruction that were on the palace. Beerus looks angry and nervous at the same time. The clip haven’t introduce each of the 12 Gods yet but they are considered as tougher and cold blooded than Beerus or Champa. Also, an interesting twist was mentioned by the awesome reddit user. He claimed that at the end of all of this tournament, the High Priest will be considered as the highest being.

Universal Survival Arc

Finally, the new arc is on the horizon. We’ve been waiting for the new arc to be introduced or discussed since merged Zamasu’s death. Right now, we all have the information that we need on what is about to happen in the new arc. Jump fiesta 2017 also showed a clip in where Goku’s team is ready for the new arc. His team is consist of Vegeta, Piccolo, Bu, Android 17, Gohan and others. Is his team capable of defeating the other universe? That is still in question but we heard that Goku will be able to match the Gods of Destruction power but with a twist.

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