Mitsubishi, Renault And Nissan Will Share The Same Electric Car Platform

Electric vehicles are the newest trend right now in the automotive industry. With rising gas prices, consumers are conspiring to get their own electric cars to save both money and fuel. The problem, however, is that electric vehicles are as expensive as luxury cars which most consumers cannot afford. Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Renault may just have the answer to the expensive value of these new electric cars.

Three Major Car Brands Will Use The Same Electric Vehicle Platform

Mitsubishi, Renault, and Nissan will be sharing the same platform for their vehicles in an attempt to bring the price tag to a level comparable to that of a traditional fuel-filled car. The strategy follows the plans of automotive companies Volkswagen AG and Toyota Motors Corporation to mass produce electric car batteries to lower down emission ratings and increase fuel economy regulations all over the world. The remodeled Nissan Leaf, which is expected to start selling by 2018, will be using the new platform. Both Renault and Mitsubishi came under the control of Nissan recently.

The Plan Is To Lower Down Car Prices By Up To A Fifth

Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Renault will share major components like the motor, the battery, and the inverter. Nissan said that the price of the new Nissan Leaf could be cut in about fifth of its current price with the new platform, making it easier for consumers to acquire. The new Renault Zoe would also use the new electric vehicle platform.

Power Efficient Batteries Have Already Been Introduced

Mitsubishi has not yet announced what vehicle will be sharing the new platform with Renault and Nissan. The Renault Zoe, recently introduced, is capable of reaching up to 400 kilometers in a single full charge. Its lithium-ion battery pouch cells that were supplied by LG have an energy rating of only 22kilowatt hour. The Nissan Leaf's battery has a 30-kilowatt hour rating and can reach up to 250 kilometers on a single charge.

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