WikiLeaks Dares The US Government To Provide The Evidence Relating Russia´s Involvement In The Election Hack

The radical transparency organization WikiLeaks asked the U.S. government through its Twitter account to provide the information regarding Russia´s involvement in the election hacks. After the president Barack Obama claimed that the Kremlin was behind the cyber strikes that suffered that Democratic party and the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks offered the U.S. government its help to authenticate the data for a much better credibility in this issue.

The US Government Revealed That Putin Was Involved

Regarding this situation, WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange reportedly told that it's possible Russian hackers may be involved in the hacks, but they are definitely not the organization´s source of the leaks that they published during the presidential elections. In fact, Assange explained that the most important thing that framed this political event was not only WikiLeaks publications or the hack that suffered the DNC and the U.S. voting system but also many other publications on the internet that no one heard.

A few days ago, the U.S. government told that it was known that Putin was interfering with the election through the cyber strikes in order to get the republican Donald Trump to win the election, given the fact that he could represent a major ally for Russia, which could mean an important change in the geopolitical order. As it was reported in a previous article, the White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that Trump probably had information about the hackers before anyone else, and took advantage of it considering how the image of his opponent was getting seriously damaged because of the leaked documents.

WikiLeaks Suffered A Cyberattack In Recent Days

Also, it was reported that WikiLeaks claimed that the organization have been the subject of several DDoS attacks in recent days, and it´s not known if these cyber strikes could have anything to do with the role that Julian Assange´s group has been playing since the presidential election, in which the government blame them for being working with the Russians.

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