GTA 5 Update: Festive Content Coming To The Game Soon

Just recently, developer Rockstar Games released the latest GTA 5 DLC titled Import/Export. It brought a wide-range of vehicles, all making the game a little bit more interesting. While it may take a couple of days or so, details about the next content have surfaced. Here's what's coming next to the titular crime-themed game!

According to Express, the next DLC might be called Festive (a nod to the Christmas season). It's long been believed to be the next content the studio will be focusing into. Heck, to the surprise of many, it could've been featured in the current version of the game already.

The Festive GTA 5 content will be about interesting stuff and/or gifts. These items, in one way or another, might even be given to the players for free. These could range from weapons to bombs (sticky) to costumes or clothing (e.g. Pajamas, Unicorn Mask, etc.).

Moreover, players can expect a great line up of lightened up hats and jumpers. And of course, snow has a greater chance of coming to game. The said DLC or update is basically designed, as mentioned above, to correspond to this year's holiday season -- that is Christmas. But hey, there's more to it actually.

Aside from the cool stuff, the forthcoming GTA 5 content will also introduce a new set of Adversary Modes. The details, however, remain a mystery; however, fans can expect for these to be revealed in the next few days or so. This is most especially that the Yuletide season is just few days away.

New sets of vehicles will also be introduced. These might include the Truffade Nero and the Comet Retro Custom. Dewbauchee Specter and Custom as well as the Progen ItaliGTA and Custom are also part of the list. Players can also expect the likes of FCR Biker and its Custom variants to be unleashed, too.

It's still vague as to when the next GTA 5 DLC will arrive. But of course, it should be there before Dec. 25 hits. In fact, there are rumors that Rockstar might release the content come Dec. 20. Either that, new interesting things are indeed coming to the game.

What are your thoughts on the next GTA 5 DLC? What are your expectations on the Festive content? Anything you can share about it? Be sure to let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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