Galaxy S8 Rumors: This Flagship Might Be Way More Expensive Than The Galaxy S7

Samsung´s next flagship Galaxy S8 is one of the most expected smartphones in 2017, given the fact that this mobile device is expected to have great specs and features. However, for everyone who thought that this phone would have a similar price to the Galaxy S7 series, it looks like it would actually cost much more.

The Galaxy S8 Could Be Priced Around $950

According to Trusted Reviews, the leading global financial institution Goldman Sachs believes that the Galaxy S8 would cost Samsung as much as 20 percent more the raw materials that plans to use in this flagship, and obviously, this would represent a price rise for retail customers if the company finally decides to pass the cost onto consumers.

Apparently, it´s the AI digital assistant that could create this delicate situation in the raw materials that are planned to be used in the Galaxy S8, which means that the price rise would definitely exist, since this is a feature that the flagship will use for sure. Considering that the Galaxy S7 Edge (which is the most expensive in the S7 series) was priced at $799, it´s quite possible that the Galaxy S8 could cost around $950, which is not exactly that the fans were hoping to find.

The Galaxy S7 Series Were A Huge Success

As reported by Phone Arena, customers would have to think twice to buy the Galaxy S8, given the fact that it´s an expensive price, especially if it comes into consideration what happened with the Galaxy Note 7 and the way in which Samsung needs to restore its reputation. Nevertheless, the Galaxy S7 series have been a huge success, and many believe that this could be more than enough for people to buy the Galaxy S8, even if it cost much more.

This new flagship is expected to make a serious numbers of design change, including the removal of the Home Button, getting a rework to the display and use "Edge style" curved screens Although it remains unknown if the Galaxy S8 is going to be a success, we should take into consideration the fact that the Galaxy S7 series were one of the most incredible phone lines this year.

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