Despite Success Of Super Mario Run’s Launch On iOS, Nintendo’s Stocks Plunge; But Why?

It's been a few days since Super Mario Run has launched on iOS. The much-hyped mobile game of Nintendo is quite a success given its popularity among fans. However, Nintendo's stocks still took a plunge despite their victorious launch. The big question now is: why?

Super Mario Run Beats Pokemon GO But Not Nintendo's Shareholders

During its release in the Apple App Store, Super Mario Run has been downloaded for 2.85 million times. Super Mario Run broke download records in the history of the App store. It even beat the day-one download of Pokemon GO at 900,000 which is just half the number of the Super Mario downloads. But if iOS fans are all for Nintendo's newest mobile game, Nintendo's shareholders do not share the same thoughts. During their game's release last Dec. 15, Nintendo has found their company with $2 billion less in shares despite the success of their mobile platformer.

The Many Reasons Of Nintendo's Stocks Plummeting

Super Mario Run looks to be a success. But investors look to be worried given the plunge that Nintendo's stocks took. One of the major reasons for this is the high price of Super Mario Run. At $9.99, Nintendo's mobile platformer costs double than most expensive mobile games out on the market. The game is free to download, though. However, players will not be able to enjoy the full benefit of the Super Mario Run unless they make the $10 purchase for a full-access.

Another reason for concern is the fact that newest Super Mario game only runs if it's connected to an Internet connection. This also led to a few negative reviews early on which may not have sat well with Nintendo's investors. It's true that a lot of people have liked the game with the classic Mario thrown in, but the initial criticism obviously affected investors' take on whether or not the game will be a success. But even with their stocks taking a plunge, Nintendo's Super Mario Run is without a doubt a big hit right now.

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