The 5 Scariest Locations In The Final Fantasy Realm

Final Fantasy is one of the best RPGs in game history. Aside from that, it also has some of the weirdest locations. Here are five of the most bizarre locations in the Final Fantasy realm.

Final Fantasy X - Inside Sin

What could be weirder than the inside of a giant killer shell to defeat the summoner that's the cause of all the chaos. Plus, Tidus met his father, Jecht, deprived of his humanity and desired to kill his son.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Valhalla

Valhalla is supposed to be the resting place of the dead according to Norse mythology. In Final Fantasy, however, this is the fortress of Etro, the goddess of death. What makes this place weird is that time and life do not exist in this place.

Final Fantasy XIII - Orphan's Cradle

Orphan's Cradle is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy XIII. What makes this place weird is that it constantly changes and rearranges itself from time to time. Thanks to the tesseracts that control it and the three female fal'Cie who creates the dimensional portals to different places in the world.

Final Fantasy IX - Memoria

Memoria was born from the memories of Gaia. Those who visit this place will go back to some parts of their past and get some glimpses of the history of the planet. This surreal experience does not stop within the dungeon itself but throughout the gameplay as well.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - True Moon

This is the biggest final dungeon not only in Final Fantasy but in all RPG games. The True Moon has forty-three different floors. The True Moon is not actually a moon but a spaceship where the antagonist, the Creator lives and uses to travel the universe and collect all the crystals of the world.

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