Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 : Redemption Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 shows Ardyn Izunia, the main antagonist of the game, stripping Noctis of his weapons. This walkthrough shows you how Noctis regains what has been stolen from him and found his redemption.

The first scene in Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 is in the Imperial Capital with Noctis on a train heading to the capital. The train was blocked by a disturbance and Noctis has to run to the end of the train into the Regalia. He has no other choice but to avoid the daemons since Ardyn has all of his weapons.

When you are in the Regalia, drive as fast as you can before the gates closed. You also have to dodge Imperial ships attacking you while speeding towards the gate. Continue moving ahead to locate the entrance at Zegnautus Keep trying you best to avoid the daemons by hiding.

After the cut scene, the next act is called King's Struggle where you get to learn a few spells to defeat the daemons using the ring. Unlock the grid doors after that using the control panel to your left. Turn around, walk straight where you can see a door on your right. Go inside, turn right, then left. After that, make two right turns where you can find a control panel inside a room behind the grill. Get out of the room after that using the same path you got in. Go to the next locations using the map until you reach a control room with an elevator. You have to take down a few daemons which are t here.

Use the elevator to access the upper levels. Turn left once you get out of the elevator. You can use the hiding place near it just in case there is some danger lurking ahead. Enter the main door where you can see Prompto, run after him but be careful of the rogue swordsman.

There is a narrow entrance ahead. Follow the swordsman and don't worry because he won't turn back. Go inside the entrance where you have to fight a few daemons. Use spells to take them down. After beating them, go to the central elevator to activate it.

In the next cut scene, Noctis gets his power back. The next mission is a difficult one where he has to pass a poison gas chamber and a few guards. Once you reach the elevator, you will have to defeat some Level 55 Foras. After defeating them, head into the room and choose Circuit B to unlock all the rooms. Be careful because Ardyn will try to trap Noctis but his friends will be there.

Next, find a device that seals Noctis' power. Prompto will unlock the door and the next cut scene happens. Defeat Gargantua, kill all the enemies, until you reach the crystal.

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