Samsung Asked For Help From Its Main Rival To Build The Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be launched sometime in late 2017, but its creation is being more difficult than expected, to the point in which Samsung had to ask help from its most ferocious competitor in South Korea, which is a situation that needs to be done in order to release the smartphone and prevent Note 7 incident.

The Galaxy Note 8 Might Use Batteries From LG

According to Express, Samsung is in talks with LG in order to use their batteries on the Galaxy Note 8, which is a logical move considering Samsung has only batteries of its own or from ATL to power its Note range, but given what happened with the previous flagship, the company is willing to make a deal with its main competitor assure the release and the users´ safety with the product.

Naturally, using LG batteries in the Galaxy Note 8 might confirm what caused the Note 7 to explode, which is an issue hasn't been officially explained, but many specialists have speculated that the lithium-ion battery's composition was to blame. Nevertheless, the talks between Samsung and its competitor hasn't been completed yet, but the possible scenario is that both parties firms to sign a deal.

The Deal Between Samsung And LG Might Be About To Be Closed

According to CDR Info, an industry official confessed that there´s more than 90 percent chance of a deal with LG, and Samsung Electronics might begin procuring the batteries from the second half of 2017. Although some analyst believes that Samsung should keep with its SDI and the China´s Amperex Technology for the Galaxy Note 8 batteries, LG has a great reputation in these devices, given the fact that this company makes the phone batteries for Apple.

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be an incredible flagship that could restore Samsung´s reputation, since what happened with the Note 7 was such a disaster that many customers lose confidence in the brand. This is another issue that the company wants to recover no matter what, and this possible deal with its main competitor might be the clearest evidence.

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