Samsung Pay To Hit Indian Market In 2017

Samsung Pay has been one of the most useful tools made by its company. It is a mobile payment that takes users to another level of credit storage. The payment scheme would save you from handling a massive amount of paper monies by putting debit and credit on your own mobile device.

Samsung Pay To Defeat Apple Pay and Android Pay By Owning India First

The feature is connected to both NFC and MST that lets you use credit card machines and NFC-enable terminals. This is different to Apple Pay as it doesn't have the quality just like that. This gives Samsung Pay an edge to its stiff competitors in the market.

According to Indian Express, Samsung Pay work's on some of the top smartphones of the Samsungs. Some are Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note 5.

India To Work With Samsung Pay In Dealing With Transactions 

On the other hand, recent news speculated that the payment service, Samsung Pay, would enter the outskirts of India. It was believed that this would be a great news for the country as it looks out for a way to resolve cash drought in their place. It is said that the current situation of India made companies attracted to introducing their products and services, which includes the Samsung Pay made by the South Korean company Samsung.

Sources told that the scheme might be introduced to India next year, 2017. Samsung is believed to have its perfect timing into introducing Samsung Pay to India as it was believed that the country is currently experiencing high rates in their mobile wallets.

However, it was reiterated that all the information rumored in the online community is not yet confirmed or denied by the company. Samsung Pay has been available to other countries and people are in highest hopes that it would be soon released in places where it hasn't landed yet.

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