iPhone 8/iPhone 10: AMOLED Panel, Glass Chassis, No Home Button And Three Variants Confirmed By Leaked Documents

iPhone 8/iPhone 10: AMOLED Panel, Glass Chassis, No Home Button And Three Variants Confirmed By Leaked Documents
2017 is shaping up to be a really exciting one for Apple, as it is scheduled to release its tenth anniversary iPhone - which is estimated to be called either the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 10. Photo : PhoneDog/YouTube

Apple has not been at the top of the game in recent years, as self-proclaimed critics have called out the tech giant for its lack of innovation. 2016 was, arguably, not its best year. For this reason and much more, the company is expected to go all out for its next smartphone, which will be dubbed either the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 10.

Next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, which is also why the Cupertino-based company is expected to release a stellar device. Apple has not made an official announcement regarding its upcoming release, but the public has been keen on getting information. The latest development come care of leaked documents, which reportedly give some very vital details on the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 10.

According to Apple Insider, the documents - which have not been confirmed as officially coming from the tech giant - confirm earlier speculations that the iPhone 8 will come in three different variants. Furthermore, it gives a codename, Ferrari, to the highest-end variant of the anniversary iPhone. No doubt that the price of which will be close to overwhelming.

The Ferrari model of the iPhone 8 will apparently sport a glass sandwich design, a borderless OLED display and a lacking physical home button. The screen will reportedly provide users with an edge-to-edge experience, much like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge provides. Nevertheless, Apple is expected to use this type of technology in an entirely different way.

Currently, the Galaxy S7 Edge has touch features that are specific to its curved design. That is, swiping from one side or the other will bring about different applications or lists, depending on the user's personal preferences. However, swiping on the face of the screen will work like a standard device.

What Apple will do is still unknown, of course, as the company has neither denied nor confirmed that this type of technology is even within its walls. It would be interesting to see what the company would do in that regard. Various shortcuts, for example, would already make a big difference.

The iPhone 8 - or iPhone 10 - will also reportedly have a major internal redesign to partner up with the aesthetic changes that Apple is making. The logic board will be split into two discrete units, which will then be connected via a flex cable. One board will apparently host items such as the A11 chipset and the NAND flash storage, while the other will be responsible for the unit's communication systems such as Wifi.

As Business Insider adds, however, Apple is in the midst of testing out different prototypes for its anniversary iPhone. So while these details may have reason and justifiable basis, it does not necessarily mean that this is what the public will get come 2017. It simply provides a glimpse of what could be, if the Cupertino tech giant can make all these components work together.

Whether or not these rumors and leaks prove to be true, the public can expect great things from Apple in 2017. The company seems to have no way to go but up, at this point. Afterwall, it has spent enough time developing and improving its current technologies - it is bound to innovate at the turn of the year.

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