These 7 Video Games Have The Best Gameplay Revenge That Will Make ‘Pirates’ Regret Their Decision

These 7 Video Games Have The Best Gameplay Revenge That Will Make ‘Pirates’ Regret Their Decision
Developers are geniuses when it comes to handing revenge to game pirates. Photo : Bandai Namco Entertainment America/Youtube

Great games are bound to be pirated one way or another. But while the idea of a cracked copy looks cheaper, game developers have found a way to put gamers off of it. With the genius of game developers, these games just got the best gameplay revenge for pirates.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Lets You Play Batman Who Flies Like A Seagull

There's nothing more hilarious than being a bat that flies like a seagull. Warner Bros did just that. Instead of the gliding ability that Batman can do, cracked copies of Batman: Arkham Asylum have Batman flapping like a seagull. What's even worse is that this method of flying will drop you unceremoniously down below.

Dark Souls Just Got Even More Very Difficult

When it comes to gameplay difficulty, Dark Souls is a legendary. But for pirates, difficult just got a new meaning if they get their hands on a cracked copy. Those who would like to play the cracked version will have a very difficult challenge on their hands - like ungodly difficult. Why, Developer From Software will make pirates fight off Black Phantom enemies at max-level, all abilities maxed out at 99 and 1900 hit points. We're not very sure if 60 hours of gameplay is enough to beat these.

Dragon Quest V Will Get You Stranded On A Boat

Playing a game filled with adventure is most definitely fun. But getting a cracked copy of such a game like Dragon Quest V might make you stranded on the sea for far too long. This can be frustrating, really. Boarding a boat in Dragon Quest V is a staple of the game but if you get a cracked copy, you won't be leaving that boat anytime soon. Just hope that you get to spend it with optimistic people. Oh, lots of patience is recommended, too.

Crisis: Warhead Makes Use Of Chicken Ammunition

Chickens are useless ammunition but that's what pirates get when they play a cracked version of Crisis: Warhead. So what happens? Instead of guns firing bullets and grenades going off in the air, both of those weapons will become chickens in the cracked version. Definitely no match for guns and grenades of enemies unless they using chickens, too.

The Sims 4 Gives Serious Headaches

Anti-piracy campaigns can get cute and EA did just that with The Sims 4. Players who got their own pirated copies had a serious problem with pixilated and blurry copies - not just in the shower but in the whole gameplay of The Sims 4. This little trick made the game visually off-putting that there's no doubt all pirates had a headache while trying to play the game.

Serious Sam 3 Lets Us Know That Pink Scorpions Are Invincible

Compared to other games on this list, a pirated copy of Serious Sam 3 will work just fine. Finishing it though might prove to be a most difficult challenge. Not only will you be faced with a giant scorpion, it's also pink, loves to chase you and will try to beat the crap out of you. Doing it the other way around will be very challenging since the pink scorpion in the cracked game is faster and invincible to just any kind of damage you might use. Got a glitch to kill it? Try it and the camera in Serious Sam 3 will lock and you'll have to look at the sky for a very long time.

Earthbound's Trick Is The Cruelest Of All

Earthbound is old school given that it's a classic RPG game from Super Nintendo. If Nintendo finds out that a player is playing an illegitimate copy, anti-piracy messages will start coming into the gameplay. However, if the cracked game continues after such a message, Earthbound's DRM scheme will increase exponentially and make hordes of enemies - yes, hordes - instead of just several that players have to fight off. Lastly, the game's last boss, Gigyas, will make your last battle an epic one with a freeze game. Worse, all saved games will be wiped out leaving pirates no choice but to reset the game all over again. So, so cruel.

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