Porting Games To The Nintendo Switch Is Easy And These 7 Games Deserve To Be In It

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Nintendo's new console, the NX now known as Switch, will not have its release until March 2017. Powered by NVIDIA's Tegra processor, the Switch stands as one of the most-awaited console next year. The Switch major technology is not new. But it makes porting games easy.

NVIDIA Says It All: Porting Games To The Switch Is Simple

There's no doubt that the new Switch console will be great with a maker like Nintendo. NVIDIA even adds that porting games to the Switch will be no problem given that it uses the same architecture that Microsoft and Sony consoles uses. Aside from that, the Switch's architecture is not too far from that of gaming PCs. This only means that if developers wish it, they could port their games to the Switch in a way they would any gaming platform. So now that we know that porting games is possible on the Switch, which games should be there?

Battlefield 1

EA somewhat confirmed that they are working on a big game for the Switch. Our thoughts? Will that 'big' game pertain to Battlefield 1? If our speculations are correct, then the popular first-person shooter definitely deserves its own port in Nintendo Switch. Taking down enemies with a fellow Switch player in BF1 would be an amazing experience that we don't want to miss. So please, make a Switch port for Battlefield 1.

Final Fantasy XV

Right now, Final Fantasy XV is the bomb of RPG games. After waiting 10 years before its release, FFXV is one of those games that will make you feel deeply. There are plenty of post-game content to enjoy, too. Making a Nintendo Switch port for the latest installment of Final Fantasy would be great. With Square Enix as its developer, this epic RPG will probably provide more adventures and challenge to conquer in the long run.

Grand Theft Auto V

As a portable and handy device, the Nintendo Switch could be the perfect console for GTA 5. With the Switch, players can build their empires on the go. More than that, who wouldn't want to try to wreak havoc on Los Angeles once the Switch launches? Having GTA 5 on Nintendo's console will definitely be a factor to making it a success. Just saying.

Mass Effect

The Mass Effect trilogy is an adventure-filled game spanning several planets that offers players extensive travel. There are bad guys to fight and blue aliens to love with their brilliance. Having this trilogy on the Switch would make Nintendo's console more marketable. That's what we think anyway.


If Minecraft is available to Wii, which is one struggling platform, then having it on the Switch is even more possible. Right? We would be more surprise not to see an available Switch port for Minecraft. The Switch touchscreen feature - as usual - will make building quite a breeze for Minecraft players. Something that avid Minecraft fans would be really, really thankful to get their hands on.


With more than 20 million players worldwide, Overwatch deserves to have a Nintendo Switch port. With a rumored touchscreen, playing the Game of the Year awardee would definitely be fun, interesting and more challenging. Besides, Blizzard is good enough when it comes to creating special game modes and making Overwatch Switch-fit would be very welcome for fans of the Nintendo console.

Red Dead Redemption

A few months back, we hinted that Red Dead Redemption 2 is not just possible on the Nintendo Switch. But really, Rockstar Games makes very good - if not terrific - titles like GTA 5 and the Red Dead series that not having Red Dead Redemption would be a shame. It's alright not to have RDR 2 yet in the Switch. If Red Dead Redemption comes to it, then it's likely to happen that Red Dead Redemption 2 will follow suit, right?

So what do you think of our list? Can you think of other games that should be made available on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below!


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