Google Pixel News And Update: Users Report Freezing Issues

Complaints have started piling up recently of Google Pixel and Pixel XL randomly "freezing" and staying like that for minutes. Despite being two of the most appreciated and creative smartphones that were introduced this year, they are not perfect and have their own set of issues.

The Google Pixel and Pixel Freezing Issues

According to Tech Times, reports were received of Google Pixel having audio, camera and connectivity problems. The users, however, found the accidental freezing of the smartphone the most irritating one of all, largely due to the phone becoming unresponsive afterward.

Although the fact that most of the issues have been dealt with is reassuring, one can't wait for Google to solve the "freezing" issue promptly. The Google Pixel forums received numerous reports from the members, who detailed the experience of the phone suddenly stopping and not working for the next few seconds or minutes.

The Random Reasons

The random nature of this "freeze-up" was also frequently mentioned. Likewise, users could not help but express their annoyance over the fact that the only solution was to either wait endlessly or forcefully shut down and reboot the system. Many possible causes have been suggested for this bizarre action, according to BGR. The explanations vary from the phone not being used, by being in pockets and missing calls without sound notification and installation of a specific application.

Some users even indicated that using Google Chrome led to the handset freezing more frequently. Neither the cache cleaning nor resetting the factory helps solve this technical glitch.

Google Still Has No Solution Yet

The solution to the problem still has not been found by Google as Pixel and Pixel XL users keep waiting for it. As the solution is unclear at the moment, tricks and methods to counter this problem are openly welcome if someone has mastered this universal new problem.

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