Protect Your Child With Tablet Restrictions

If a parent is providing their kid with a tablet and the software happens to be Android, the parent can maintain some limitations that your child will not cross. Android lets one create more than one account (user) and that there's an option of restricted user as well.

Parents will be able to choose what their kids have access to and what not.  It only takes few taps on the screen to set the necessary limitations.  What one needs to do is go to the settings and tap on "Users" before selecting "Add User".  In a blog at CNET explaining the issue, it further advises restriction of the content and apps, things that are prohibited for kids.

All the parent has to do is click the username, and they will be provided with a list of apps. They can also get help from the on/off switches and ban whatever is considered as inappropriate for the child. Some specific apps have features that allow a parent to delve in deeper and restrict content inside the app.

As Irish Times further talked about the issue, it says that the list is never ending. But there's the matter of location services which a parent must ensure to turn off before handing the device to their child.

One can stop kids from accessing the camera that can be done in the settings. Chrome is the root of all problems, endless search options become a maze. Use the Chrome settings for safe search options. Protect the drive, calendar, and e-mail accounts as these features aren't necessary for the children.

Social media apps cause massive threats to kids who have access to them, thus exposing themselves to many risks. Google and Google Play Games if banned, will prevent the child from downloading too many games which often caused them to be distracted with their 

Play Movies and Tv can also be banned to protect the data. This is possible with the help of Google Play Store via its parental controls. To turn them on, one has to go into the Store's settings and select Parental controls, the rest is easy.

Restricted Users options are easily available in Android as of right now, but Parental Control choices are available for many apps and software.

It is crucial that parents need to have a serious talk with their kids about the positives and negatives of Internet so that these young learners will be aware of its short-term and long-term implications.

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