CES 2017: Awesome Fitness Tracker

Who would not want a striking fitness tracking device or a fashionably designed wearable? The dilemma is to choose between the two. But can one have both?

At the technology conference, CES 2017, which will be held in Las Vegas, one will get to see two main types of wearable. Featuring the latest sensor technology, the fitness tracking device will measure cardiac rates and stamina, whereas the other wearables are the very stylish pieces that shine and hang off your wrists.

Sure, these two new launches have created quite a buzz in the fashion and technology world but is it worth spending endless bucks on these shimmery parts or devices that track our strides? In a blog at CNet , the author expresses the wish to have an accurate GPS, smart sensors and a sleek frame etc. in her ideal wearable.

But a curious glance at the CES 2016's products shows that her wish list might remain a dream.The search leads to frustration only as she walks around CES 2016 floors, trying to locate an item that is not way too big for her delicate wrists and packs enough technology in its small size.

Also, why is rose gold considered the only appropriate color for women? The hunt seems futile. The Tech Radar explains that Apple Watch and the Samsung gear do not provide the desired level of tracking and high-tech sensors while being classy at the same time. The only option left is to go for the sports gear

But it is kind of hard to pair it effortlessly with sleek heels and a dress, or with one's power suit during some business conference! It would be more convenient for a CES participant to witness the event and be treated with impressive wearable gadgets packed with a good amount of high technology in it to function smoothly.

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