‘Tekken Revolution' Servers Shut Down Next Year As 'Tekken 7' Upcoming Release Hinted

It has just been recently revealed that the servers of “Tekken Revolution” is finally shutting down next year. With such news, many have speculated that this is a sign that the developer will finally release the awaited “Tekken 7” video game.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has just recently announced that it will be taking down “Tekken Revolution” permanently next year. This means that the free-to-play fighting video game will not be available for playing anymore. The said developer slash publisher has revealed that the game will finally cease its operations starting March 20 of next year.

As of this year, “Tekken Revolution” actually has already been made unavailable all over Europe. It is the first online fighting free-to-play video that Bandai Namco Entertainment has ever released solely in a digital format. They debuted the said video game exclusively on the PlayStation 3 gaming console in June 2013.

Tekken Revolution” received favorable reviews but mostly fared in mixed reception as many have criticized it for making a disappointing attempt of delving into its roots as an arcade video game by making it available online and only in digital format. Many have pointed out that its version of the “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” as well as the said video game’s nature to pay in order to win, just like in arcades, was a bad idea. But yet despite all negative reviews it got, the said video game has been downloaded at least two million times already.

With “Tekken Revolution” eventually being taken off the market next year, many fans have drawn the conclusion that Bandai Namco Entertainment is actually preparing to release its newest installment to the “Tekken” franchise. The said developer has been releasing teasers as of recently regarding “Tekken 7”, which will be remastered with more content for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. “Tekken 7” is expected to release sometime in the first or second quarter of 2017.

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